Practices & Privacy Policies

Confidentiality: All customer information is confidential and can not be released to a third party except by specific authorisation by the customer.  Please be aware that your insurance company may require that you provide authorization for them to review your records if you want them to provide reimbursement for services.  An important exception to confidentiality is mandated by law in the event of the threat of dangerousness to yourself or to another person, or in the event of disclosure of child abuse.  Finally, please be aware that customer records can be subpoenaed in certain legal situations.

End of Therapy: I do ask that you not end the therapy abruptly.  You may of course end therapy at any time without obligation beyond payment due for past services.  However, it is usually in a customer’s best interest to achieve adequate closure from a course of therapy.  If you should decide to end therapy, I ask that you schedule a final session to discuss your reasons, and receive recommendations for follow-up care, including referrals to other providers if appropriate.

Information exchange: I will never discuss the content of our sessions via emails. If you would like to share feedbacks about past sessions please wait the next session to discuss it.

Insurance Coverage and Payment:  Please note that I am currently not a participating provider with any managed care plans or insurance companies. I ask for payment at the time of service, and will provide a receipt for payment if you request.