Low-income assistance and nonprofit discount.

Because I believe that giving back to the community helps feeding a virtuous circle which improves the well-being of its members, the institute offers the Well-being Assistance Program Rate, or WAPR.

WAPR makes our well-being services more affordable for qualified low-income customers by providing discounts (from 30% to 80%). WAPR’s sessions are limited to the charity fund raised.

In exchange, Beneficiaries of the initiative are asked to share (anonymously if they wish) their story with the donors community and to let them know how the sessions contribute to their well-being.

If you run a nonprofit that provides housing or temporary shelter for low-income residents, you may be eligible for a nonprofit discount.

Customers are eligible for the discounted rate if

  • they live in Switzerland and their income doesn’t exceed the Swiss federal poverty level published by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

Poverty threshold in Switzerland: In 2016, the poverty threshold was on average CHF 2247 per month for a single person and CHF 3981 per month for a household with two adults and two children under the age of 14.