About Fear.

Lets open the discussion about fear. In which situation did you experience fear? how did you handle it?
What is the purpose of the fear. How do you know that you have fear. Where do you feel it in the body?
Fear sticks to stressful situations.

Watch the video where Will Smith talks about fear.

What most people ignore is that when they confront a feeling and take the time to observe it, to feel it, it will evolve and transform. Fear is a feeling that has helped humanity to survive. One thing that I can say is that if you can read that article it means that you are alive and therefore that you can trust your body to have done what it needs to stay alive. :))
A simple exercise I recommend is to pick a place where you feel secure with or without other people. The most important thing is that you feel secure enough to allow yourself to experience emotional changes, to move around as you like without any restriction. The place should be comfortable, maybe surrounded with pleasant things, like pictures/paintings on the walls, flowers, a window where you can see the sky or with a view to a garden etc .
Then start observing your environment and stop at something that attracts your attention positively. Start to describe it and observe within your body what happens then track how it evolves.
When something negative comes up like a memory of a bad event, just take notice of it and come back to the beautiful picture and continue to describe it. Go forth and back to track changes in your body and emotions.
As an example: “there is a picture on the wall of a bird flying. It appears to be free and in peace. Peace, yes when I say peace, I notice that I take a deep breath and I can feel warmth in my belly.
When I let go and keep looking what is happening next I can feel the warm sensation expanding. Then, suddenly I feel sadness coming, and my throat gets tight . After noticing the sad emotion and its reaction to the body, I go back to that warm sensation or the picture. The sky is blue, I like it. How do I know that? It is tickling in my throat and the tickling is moving down to my stomach. I notice that again i am taking a deep breath.
You stop the exercise by looking around you and you may notice the colors to be more bright or more vibrant. You are present. You feel your feet on the floor, you feel grounded.
This exercise helps to re-educate the felt-sense. It is an exercise to help you to become an expert of your body’s sensations.
When you become an expert, you will understand how to let go and how easy you will be able to handle your emotional changes and feelings. Fear will become your trustful friend.

K. Reisinger. Nov 2 2017- All rights reserved.

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